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United Species Movement

I told you all to expect something big and here it is.

This is the beginning of my journey to unite all the people of earth. I’ve seen more than enough corruption and suffering to stand by quietly any longer. USM is a movement that plans to bring true representative democracy to everyone. Everyone is equal; as a species it is time for us to excel past the primitive notions of war and greed and shift our attention to education, health, science, space and liberty.

The entire system has not been planned yet and there is still much work to be done on creating a truly equal democratic government that can exist in harmony with nature. But everyday I learn about new ideas and technologies that can assist in bringing stability to our society. Everyday I push myself to come up with better ways for a system to run.

USM is about giving everyone a shot at the life they’ve always wanted; no matter your ethnicity, religion, sexual identification or any other personal decision. I believe in providing free education and healthcare to everyone. I believe in helping those who are financially struggling. I believe in rehabilitation over punishment. I believe there is a better alternative to how we live. 

I will pursue this idea until I die, every ounce of my effort from now on will be put into this movement. If you believe you can help in the planning of this new system please contact me through this tumblr or through the USM tumblr. Even if you cannot contribute to the ideas, please spread the word about USM. We are all equal. We are all unique. We are all human.